PRO-FIT 3 is owned and operated by the Brady family, who are dedicated to improving their lives, and the lives of others, through health, wellness, and fitness. 


Pamela Brady, the CEO and Head Trainer of PRO-FIT 3, started teaching aerobics classes at the age of sixteen. Her passion for fitness continued into college, where she earned her B.S. Degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition. She continued her education and received a Master's Degree in Kinesiology. Over the past 30 years, she has successfully opened and managed numerous fitness centers in the Los Angeles area, while never neglecting her passion for training clients one-on-one.​


The vision to create PRO-FIT 3 came while Pamela was helping her father cope with the afflictions of Parkinson's Disease. Noticing the deterioration in her father's motor skills, balance, and coordination, Pamela started incorporating weight training and kickboxing moves into his workouts. Within three months, there were significant improvements that continue to this day! Pamela and her family created PRO-FIT 3 knowing that fitness can improve the quality of life for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or health restrictions.





Our Mission

At PRO-FIT 3, our mission is to teach our clients that fitness is a tool to improve not only your physical health but your overall quality of life. Our 11-station circuit workout combines cardio, resistance training, and athletic movements to burn fat, build lean muscle, and rejuvenate your body. With no class times, just stop in whenever it is convenient for YOU, and get in a full-body workout in 33 minutes!

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Our unique circuit format will take you through 11 stations. Station 1 starts with a dynamic warmup. Stations 2-5 will work both upper and lower body using weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, and the TRX. Stations 6-9 will incorporate kickboxing techniques to improve agility, coordination, and balance. Station 10 focuses on improving your core strength with both dynamic and static exercises. Station 11 will cool down and rejuvenate your body with ballistic stretching.